Aromatique Smell of Christmas Collection

If you are familiar with the Aromatique line, you know how amazing it is! If not, you are in for a treat as Aromatique has a long history of creating delightful scents that not only smell incredible, but look stunning. Their motto... ‘where fragrance become art’. The Smell of Christmas is a customer favourite year after year.

The Smell of Christmas is a captivating fragrance of citrus and spice with a warm blend of natural botanicals.

Fragrance Notes: Clove, Orange, Cinnamon, Spice, Wood.


  • Decorative fragrance, with large distinctive botanicals carefully and artfully arranged with a memorable scent. To refresh Smell of Christmas year after year, use the Smell of Christmas Refresher Oil.

Refresher Oil

  • Use it to refresh your existing Aromatique decorative fragrance potpourri or add to any dried botanicals. If using in an essential oil diffuser, it is suggested to start with just few drops and test until you achieve the desired fragrant amount. *May not be eligible for shipping during cold weather. 

Reed Diffuser Oil

  • The long lasting Aromatique Reed Diffuser oils, are a customer favourite. Their enchanting fragrance is unlike any other. Each refill comes with a complimentary set of replacement reeds. Available as a refill or in a kit. *May not be eligible for shipping during cold weather. 


  • Simple elegance with this glass cube candle. Made with a proprietary wax blend, ethically sourced containers and cotton wicks. Light one of these aromatic candles and transport yourself to a memory or emotion. Always burn on a heat resistant surface and trim wick to 1/4" before each use. Allow wax to pool to the edge each burn for maximum use and to avoid tunneling. 

Wax Melts

  • Aromatique Wax Melts are a set of 8 cubes that contain 100% food-grade paraffin wax and a highly fragrant aroma - no wicks or flames needed.
  • Directions: To use, simply break off a portion of the wax melt and place in your favourite warming device for a room-filling aroma.
  • Details: White wax; 2.7 oz net weight; 8 cubes per tray

Room Spray

  • The beautiful scents you love in the decorative fragrance are available as an aerosol room spray. Comes in a brushed metal container.  *May not be eligible for shipping during cold weather. 

NOTE: As with any oil, product may stain particularly fabrics and porous surfaces.

Style: Potpourri 171g

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