Vendor Application

Please Read Thoroughly

As you can imagine, we receive many applications for local vendors. The team at SPR knows the products, demographics, and current trends for their clientele. If we do not contact you for further consideration, it's not that your product was not great, it means it was not a fit for our customers or there is no current vacancy for that category. 

How it Works

Local vendor items are consignment items. The Vendor is responsible for deciding the price value. Vendors received 70% of the sell price and SPR will receive 30% commission. 

Please note:

  • At this time we are not accepting applications for candles, fragrance, body products, jewellery, or fashion. 
  • We are seeking a vendor who makes farmhouse style painted signs (not vinyl)
  • Due to the high volume of inquires, Spruce Park Ranch will only contact successful applications for further consideration. We will reach out if we think your product will be a good fit.