Elegant Woodland Christmas Table Setting

Posted on November 20 2022

Elegant Christmas Table Setting

Three years ago, we were sharing with customers that we were expecting the colour black to make a big appearance in home decor including the Christmas season.

And we were right! Black is the hottest trend.

But it’s all about how you use it and what you mix it with.

Black isn't the only trend.

Gold and green is back and the use of realistic faux greenery is huge!

We’ve been showcasing realistic greenery for years (I guess we were just way ahead of the trend 😉), but the last couple of years, we have been shipping the most incredible greenery options right across Canada!

What I love about this combination is it has a modern, elegant woodland feel about it. It can easily be incorporated into many different designs. And because it’s a pretty neutral palette, there is no need to redo all of your decor.

For the Holiday season, I wanted to create a Christmas tablescape combining all these elements.

I am loving the design!

Here is some inspiration for decorating an Elegant Woodland Tablescape. I’ve even added a quick video at the end so you can see exactly how I set it all up.

Winter Forest Table Runner

Start With Classic Textiles

Because the focus is all about the greenery, keep the textiles simple. I choose this Winter Forest table runner because it has the most stunning pop of green in the tree pattern on a pretty neutral base.

The black placemats anchor the setting and allow for the green and gold elements to really pop.

Mixing different napkins allows you to create visual interest and have fun! I took Winter Forest Napkinthe coordinating Winter Forest napkin, layered it between the salad and dinner plate, and then topped off the setting with with a classic black napkin in a bow design.

Even though I’ve used touches of gold throughout the table setting, I opted for a copper over gold to tie in with some of the hints of brown in the table runner. However, gold would have worked just as well!

Realistic Christmas Greenery

It’s All About The Greens

To create the woodland feel, realistic greenery is the element that takes it to the next level. To create the centrepiece, I used a greenery we carry called Whispy Cedar. I alternated their direction giving a more natural flow to the greens.

Eucalyptus is one of my favourite elements to use year round, and what we see for Christmas is mixing in Eucalyptus with evergreens. I mixed a few random stems into the cedar branches, whichChristmas Tablesettingadds another texture into the design.

When adding Eucalyptus, using one that looks real (this Silver Dollar Eucalyptus even feels real), makes the look. You can find lovely silk varieties, but somehow it doesn’t quite have the same look to it.

Top it off with some fun ornaments for a bit of sparkle! I used green and gold glitter ornaments for the touch of shine.

Add in a Black and Gold Features

To tie in all the elements, I used these brushed gold metal deer and placed them on either end of the table. They tie in perfectly with the touches of gold on the plates, wine glasses, and cutlery.

For the centre, the black taper candle holders a sleek in design but have slight distressing so they don’t become too modern for the space. As much as I love real candles, I choose battery operated taper candles for safety reasons.

Keep It Natural

Because this look has a more natural feel, keep it simple. The textiles are the Christmas Woodland Tablescapeanchor and the greens do the talking!

Adding in gold can be more or less than what I chose to do.

I kept the gold simple and only hints on the table with the exception of the deer. Using less creates for more of an impact.

Have fun decorating your table! 





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