Stoneware Round Casserole

Stoneware white dishes display sentiments in slate gray across front center of each piece. Features added textural detail around base, and solid rounded handles for easy carrying. Available in 3 style options, each dish comes with a plastic lid with a rubber seal. Each lid features a date dial to take the guesswork out of keeping track of leftovers. To use, simply set the dial to the number that corresponds to the day of the month when the food is placed in the refrigerator. Microwave, oven (excluding lid), dishwasher, and food safe. Makes a perfect addition to a farmhouse aesthetic and coordinates well with other pieces in collection! A fantastic wedding gift! Sold individually. Accessories not included.

Advantages of stoneware dishes: for durability, longevity, and overall ease of use, stoneware is the best. Most stoneware products are able to to be used extremely hot temperatures. A great product for people who love to use their oven. Stoneware allows heat to rise evenly and keeps food warm for longer.


  • Indulge 7"W x 6.75"D x 2"H
  • Let's Eat 9"W x 8.25"D x 2.5"H
  • Treat Yourself 10.75"W x 10"D x 3.25"H

Material: Stoneware

Style: Indulge 7"W x 6.75"D x 2"H

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