Stoneware Oval Casserole

Stoneware white dishes display sentiments in slate gray across front center of each piece. Features added textural detail around base; and solid rounded handles for easy carrying. Microwave, oven, dishwasher, and food safe. This dish makes a perfect addition to a farmhouse aesthetic and coordinates well with other pieces in the collection! Available in three sizes. A fantastic wedding gift!

Advantages of stoneware dishes: for durability, longevity, and overall ease of use, stoneware is the best. Most stoneware products are able to to be used extremely hot temperatures. A great product for people who love to use their oven. Stoneware allows heat to rise evenly and keeps food warm for longer.


  • Enjoy 8.75"W x 5"D x 3"H
  • Eat Up 11.25"W x 6.25"D x 3.75"H
  • Secret Recipe 13.50"W x 7.75"D x 4.50"H

Material: Stoneware

Style: Enjoy 8.75"W x 5"D x 3"H

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