Our Favourite Christmas Greenery

Posted on December 05 2022

When it comes to Christmas, the one thing that ties it all together is Christmas greenery.

Whether you choose to go with classic evergreens or enjoy the heavy-flocked, frosted look, there seems to be a never ending list of options.

Spruce Park Ranch is known for the artificial florals and greenery we carry for every season.

When it comes to faux Christmas greens, it's a Holiday lover's paradise!

Although we have so many options we adore, here are five of our current favourites and why we love them. 

Whispy Cedar

The Whispy Cedar collection features cedar that looks and feels incredibly real and is designed with longer branches to give that draped look. One of the most versatile pieces in the collection is the Whispy Cedar Bush. This is our secret weapon when adding greenery into tight spaces. We have made narrow shelves look like they have a garland just by strategically placing the bush along the ledge! It also tucks into tray decor without having to deal with a big bulky stem. Available in a multitude of options, try mixing in with other greenery!


Icy Cedar with Red Berries

This greenery collection adds a touch of glitter with it's frosty-covered cedar and red berries. We like to mix the stems into other flocked or frosted greens to give a pop of colour. The Icy Cedar with Red Berries greenery line is simple yet gives just the right amount of Christmas glam. Incorporate into greenery arrangements, along a mantle, or anywhere the glittery frost will reflect the light.

Winter Hollow

Snowy perfection! This collection features pine, mixed greenery, eucalyptus, and natural pine cones all covered in heavy snow and dusted with iridescent glitter. What we love most about Winter Hollow is it features a slimmer design. Often flocked or snowy greenery is super thick making it more difficult to manipulate, place on mantles, or shelves. This line gives all the look in an easier to work with design. Try mixing in the Icy Cedar picks into the Winter Hollow garland! The combination looks stunning!


Norfolk Pine

We love any greenery that take you through multiple seasons and Norfolk Pine is one that many guests use year round! It looks and feels so real, many people have reported they use the trees as faux house plants and use the stems in large vases for every season. Soft to the touch and incredibly realistic, this is a collection you will love for years to come. 

Wind Chill Juniper

With an ultra fine dusting of snow and glitter topping these structural juniper branches these pieces hold up when you need to great a solid base. The Wind Chill Juniper line has a delicate look but don't let that deceive you! This is one study greenery collection. We love the small pine cones that are peppered throughout the greenery adding a bit of extra texture.
Christmas greens are the foundation when we set up any Holiday display at Spruce Park Ranch! Create a gorgeous look with nothing more than just greens or add an extra twinkle with simple lights, and sit back and enjoy the season!
Happy Holidays!



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