How to Make a Farmhouse Wreath

Posted on June 01 2022

We get asked at SPR all the time about how to make a farmhouse wreath.

We posted a video a couple of years ago on YouTube to help our customers, but little did we know that the video would go viral.

As of today, the video has been seen over 50 thousand times!

We had no idea so many people were looking for a simple, quick video on making farmhouse floral wreaths.

As fast as we make wreaths at Spruce Park Ranch, they get snatched up by customers. Each one is unique and takes on a life of it’s own.

Farmhouse Wreath

This video is the steps we use to make the wreaths we sell in store.

If you need help to customize your own, pop on down to the store and we can help you pick out some amazing florals.

Remember there is no right or wrong when making wreaths. It’s all about personal preference.

Even though this DIY tutorial shows spring/summer florals, you can use this method for any season!

Have fun and remember… don’t glue anything until you are happy with the placement!



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