I rarely watch TV. I lead a pretty busy lifestyle so when I watch, I tend to fall asleep – fast. I’ve received many an elbow nudge from my kids while watching movies at home… and perhaps once or twice at a theatre.

When I do watch, I find myself admiring all the houses and ideas on HGTV. Damn, they do a good job of making me want to rip apart my whole house.

Funny how I never noticed anything was wrong with my home until HGTV implied it. It’s not that I was ever in love with them, but now I hate my popcorn ceilings! Thanks HGTV…

Ever notice how the homes on TV are all grand and feature these lovely porches.  Some even wrap around. Oh be still my heart!

Well, not all of us have big porches. Most homes actually have a small space. I have but a mere step, but maybe it’s time I start treating that step with a bit more love and appreciation.

If you are looking to decorate the front porch or welcoming area of the exterior of your home, here are a few ideas for those ready to spruce up a small space.

Give it the star treatment
Summer Porch Decorating with stars
Sometimes you only have a small space, but how cute is that wine barrel with simple chairs? The pop comes from the perfectly hanging star and the other red accents. Those of us in Canada can easily swap for Canadian flags in the planter. (Left image: original source unknown. Right images: source Spruce Park Ranch Country Store)

Cozy it up
Front Porch decorating with rugs
There is something about a good rug that ties everything together. They add a homey, cozy feel. I’ve always been a fan of jute rugs because they are so durable, but do remember, the sun may give them an aged look, which for most county home decor lovers, is not a problem. (Left image: original source unknown. Right images: source Spruce Park Ranch Country Store)

Take a seat
Front Porch Summer decorating with benches
Sometimes there isn’t a whole lot of room at the entrance. This is where a bench comes in perfect. You can get them in so many sizes. Why not make it fun and have the bench be the feature with a bold colour for the season? Or keep it more neutral and brighten it with accessories. Either way, benches create a lovely space to sit and enjoy the view. (Left image: Source Satori Design for Living. Right images: source Spruce Park Ranch Country Store)

Light it up
Front porch decorating with lanterns
Lanterns are one of the easiest and most versatile ways to decorate a small space like a porch. They add character and can take any country entrance from drab to fab. As much as I love the look of candles in a lantern, I often opt for battery operated candles approved for outdoor use. It gives me piece of mind. Mix up lanterns by adding flower pots, draping mini lights, or hanging mini terrariums. Let your imagination wild. (Left image: source HomedIt. Right images: source Spruce Park Ranch Country Store)

Give your porch or front step a touch that shows your personality. We may not all have grand, plantation-style entrances, but we can all have a little piece of country to welcome us home.

Karen Sievwright is the merchandiser and marketing pro at Spruce Park Ranch Country Store and has been a partner with the business since its opening in 1998. She is also a licensed Zumba® Fitness instructor and Nutrition & Wellness Specialist with her own company, KarenSievwright.com