Mother’s and the mother figures in our lives are some of the most important people.  They shape us, mold us, and wipe away our tears, and are with us every step of the way.

We love them, and that’s why we celebrate Mother’s Day.  It’s a day to say thank you, spoil the mom’s, and give back.

But don’t you feel sometimes the ‘ol Mother’s Day gift is a bit predictable? Just like Valentine’s Day, it’s chocolate and flowers. Both awesome, both given with love, and both gone way too fast.

Mom’s are grateful for any gesture. They truly are. As a Mom, you have no idea how much that homemade card means. I’m not a person who keeps cards forever and ever, but the ones from my kids, I do.

Flowers are gorgeous, but my dumb cat thinks they’re his midnight snack, and really, I have a very poor green thumb.

Chocolate, ooh how I love thee, but that’s the problem… I love it. Let’s just keep that away shall we.

So here are 7 Mother’s Day gift ideas that are not flowers or a box of chocolate.

1.  Signs or blocks with quotes or sayings.
Inspirational sayings and blocks are very popular. Just like a good Pinterest quote, women like to put little reminders of things that have a special meaning to them. That doesn’t mean it has to be touchy feely. A good humourous saying is often appreciated.

Mothers Day Gifts Family Signs

2. Throw pillows
I don’t know what it is, but us women like our throw pillows. They add colour or texture to any room. We also have a thing for cozy blankets. And thanks to the popularity of gift idea number 1, you can find wonderful pillows with quotes and sayings as well.

Mothers Day Gift Ideas Throw Pillows

3. Things for the patio or deck
The outside of the home is as important to us as the inside. We like creating rooms and areas for the family to enjoy. Sometimes, we just want to make a private space for ourselves. Unique planters, ornaments, and containers can be used for flowers if we choose, or they can be turned into a feature that can be used for another purpose.

Mothers day gift ideas

4. The pampering treatment
This doesn’t mean you have to go get a fancy spa package. Yes, the full spa deal is fantastic, but no what else is? Knowing that you want to give us time to ourselves. That can be a simple as a beautiful candle, a bottle of wine, and spa products we can use at home. Time to ourselves, soaking in the tub (that you totally cleaned for us… don’t forget that part), enjoying some alone time is very appreciated. Side note, if you are going to get beauty products, be sure you know if mom has allergies. Bath bombs, lotions, and potions are nice, but many women are sensitive. We always suggest a line called Sensé Beautiful Science for that reason as it is free of harmful ingredients.

Mothers day gift ideas. Spa treatment

5. Cook a nice meal for Mom
Believe it or not, we don’t always love cooking for everyone. It’s a chore. Sometimes we like cooking, and yes, some people really do love cooking, but day in and day out, it gets tiring. Going out to a restaurant on Mother’s Day is beautiful, but it’s busy, and often full of kids. Why not cook something for us? We’re not expecting a gourmet meal. Give it your best effort, and we will be happy. Don’t forget dessert… and feel free to make it chocolate cake!

Mother's Day gift ideas cook for Mom

6. Become a cleaning beast
You have no idea what it means to a busy mom to have a clean home. To have help in maintaining it. Yes, house cleaning is a daily task, but the last thing a mom wants to do on Mother’s Day is clean.  A huge hint, clean prior to the big day because we want to spend time with you. Not watch you clean. But if we are going to watch you clean, please make sure the wine is chilled and corked because we’re going to watch you with feet up while sipping from an over-sized glass. Of course hiring a professional company to clean top to bottom is a something that most women wouldn’t say no to. Just clear the date and time with mom first.

Clean the house for Mother's Day

7. Keep it light and fun
Mother’s Day gifts do not have to cost a fortune, contrary to what the jewelry commercials may have you believe. It really isn’t about how much you spend. It’s that you thought of the special Mom in your life. Often the simple things are best. We like funny stuff too. Things don’t have to be so serious all the time.

Mother's Day gift ideas

It’s not that we don’t like the flowers and chocolates, we do, and we love that you thought of us when you bought them. We just really like the extra effort that goes into this one day designed for us. It’s not about the big price tag, or grand gesture. It’s about knowing you appreciate us.

On this day, make your Mom feel special and remember, every day really ought to be Mother’s Day in your heart.

Have a great Mother’s Day gift idea? Share with us in the comments below.

Karen Sievwright is the merchandiser and marketing pro at Spruce Park Ranch Country Store and has been a partner with the business since its opening in 1998. She is also a licensed Zumba® Fitness instructor and Nutrition & Wellness Specialist with her own company,