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Christmas Event

The Country Christmas Event is the weekend we kick off all things Christmas!

Country Christmas Event

Hours for 2017 Christmas opening weekend

Friday, November 3:  10am – 6pm
Saturday, November 4:  10am – 6pm
Sunday, November 5:  10am – 4pm

Join us for our 15th annual Country Christmas Event bringing you that perfect touch of the season for any home design.

What’s New & Tips for Country Christmas

»  Parking.  Parking will be in our expanded overflow parking. The main parking lot will be a designated handicap area for the weekend. Please avoid parking down the driveway as this causes traffic flow problems. There is absolutely no parking in front of the store at any time of year.

» There is no smoking on any of the Spruce Park Ranch grounds. This includes the parking lot.

»  Peak times and quieter times:  The busiest time is always in the morning especially at opening. The quietest time is the last hour of the day.

»  Wheelchairs & Walkers:  Although we are wheelchair and walker accessible, the volume of people this weekend may make it very difficult to get through. We suggest coming in the last hour of the day as it will be easier move around.

»  Most displays are for sale. This includes ornaments in trees, lanterns, and other pre-assembled displays.

»  We have gift cards! Pick them up while you’re here. Great Christmas gifts!

»  Personalized items will be available after this weekend. This includes candle labels, light boxes, signs, photo frames, and plaques. Place your order (we will help you), and then please allow us a few days to complete the custom orders.

»  There is lots to see.  You will have to look 2 or 3 times to see it all.

»  Many pieces of furniture are for sale.  All purchased furniture will be available for picked up after the weekend.

»  Be patient… This is our busiest weekend of the year and our staff work very hard all season. Be pleasant, be kind, and remember, they are giving up time with their families so our customers can have a beautiful holiday season. We thank you so much in advance.

Remember to subscribe to our newsletter. We send very few emails a year, but we have events for subscribers only… Hint Hint… pre-Christmas Shopping!!!

See you at our Christmas Opening weekend.

"The store is a delight for the senses. The staff are friendly and helpful. The product selection and creative displays are excellent."

- Roxanne Perron

"Every time I walk into Spruce Park Ranch it’s like being transported back in time. The items and displays evoke so many memories of happy times as a child spending Christmas with Grandma, Grandpa, and all my siblings."

- Sue Graham